Top Independent Artists in India in 2020?
Independent Artists

Top Independent Artists in India in 2020?

Find out the top Independent Artists in India in 2020 but before that check who they are!

Independent artists are singers, bands, musicians who are to be signed. They can be called independent labels and as a result, they hustle hard for their individuality. An independent artist can launch their own songs or can open their own music label.In today’s world, artists are using social media to get a good reach. Similarly, this blog will help people find out the best of the independent artists in India in 2020.

1.Saurabh Pandey

Independent artists in India 2020
Independent artists in India 2020

The quote, “The imprint of a dad will forever remain on his son” totally relates to the situation of our artist, Saurabh Pandey. As the love for music was somewhere inherited from his father. His father used to be fond of gazals, this was the time when semi-classical caught Saurabh’s attention. Saurabh Pandey belongs to a brahmin family from Prayagraj.

From a very early age of 3, Saurabh used to adore music. Altaf Raja being the favorite singer, and “tum toh thehre pardesi” being the favorite song. At the age of 3, Saurabh literally mugged up the whole 15 minutes song, which shows his love for music.

School music teacher MRS. Sudha Srivastava recognized his talent. She also introduced him to classical music. She also taught him a few ragas like Yaman and Bhairavi.


Name Saurabh Pandey
GuruShri. Rishi Mishra & Varun Mishra
Father’s NameShri Satish Chandra Pandey
Origin Prayagraj
GenreClassical, Sufi, Ghazal, Bollywood, Semi-Classical
Born15th April 1997


  • Performed In Chalo Man Ganga Yamuna , Prayagraj
  • Performed at IIIT , prayagraj
  • Was in Top-50 In A Reality Show “Bhajan Ratna”
  • Semi Finalist in Sangam Kala Group Competition At National Level
  • Lucknow Mahotsav
  • Performed Many Times At Khadigram During Mela Time

For more do watch this video!!




BORN13th February 2001

Rahul Tripathi (Rockstar RT) is from an orthodox family in Prayagraj. Every artist has a story and the same went for Rahul as he planned for becoming an independent artist. As he was from a Brahmin family, the belief was to just study and get settled with some job.

Rahul wanted something else in life. He knew that job was not his cup of tea. He strived hard in improving his skills. In his pre-schooling age he was involved in various curricular activities like singing and dancing.

After taking part in various singing competitions in school he realized that his career is in music as an independent artist. He moved ahead in his life becoming an independent artist. He learned classical music. As he was from a science background, a lot of struggles he faced when he had to choose between music and studies.

He started learning classical music under the guidance of Shri Rishi-Varun Mishra (the legends and sensations of Indian Classical Music) Vishal Pandey ji and Ankit Pandey( live performer from Delhi).

ACHIEVEMENTS as Independent Artist

Rockstar RT has achieved alot in his young age.

  • Winner of Mega Musician 2017 (solo guitarist)
  • Lead Metallica V band
  • Winner of Allahabad Ki Shaan 2018 (singing)

Performance as Independent Artist

Rockstar RT has performed at:

  • Hauz Khauz Village, New Delhi
  • United College, Prayagraj
  • Dainik Jagran, Prayagraj
  • Kumbh Mela, Prayagraj
  • Ewing Christian College, Prayagraj

For business and live shows?

Rockstar RT is up for shows and gigs!!! Rahul basically performes at global level.

For any query regarding the prices and technical riders, fill the contact form, and our team will get back to you.


Check out his latest video which got viral!!!!!!!!


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