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The Local Train

Background of The Local Train

OriginChandigarh, India
GenresIndian rock
Pop Rock
Indie Rock
Years active2008–present
LabelsSennheiser & MTV
MembersRaman Negi
Paras Thakur
Ramit Mehra
Sahil Sarin
Past membersAbhinav Bansal
mohit kumar


The Local Train band started in 2008 where Raman met Ramit and as he wanted to play the bass guitar in various songs which Raman had written. He met Ramit in Chandigarh Studio. The turning point came here when Ramit asked if they wanted to grow this on a bigger scale. Ramit then suggested Sahil as the drummer for the band. In 2011 Paras joined the band as the lead guitarist in the band. This all happened with a random lineup and now they are here for you as THE LOCAL TRAIN.

They performed for various colleges and various clubs. They started a very random and simple journey as every band starts! Slowly and slowly they started to grown. People started to love their music albums and songs. There came a point in their life when it was very hard to manage all gigs related stuff. They found a manager Himanshu Chowdhary.


Why is the band name ‘The Local Train’?

The Local Train stated , “In 2008 we recorded a song Choo Loo and we uploaded it on the website and it was just a random thought.”

Are Indians more open to Indie Music?

The Local Train stated, ”Yes, they are going at another pace. From gigging from colleges to clubs and now big shows, Indie music is at the next level.

Why you all haven’t invested in merchandise?

The Local Train stated , ” yes we have thought of it but currently we are working on it. It is very tuff to please their designs!!!”

Where do you all see yourself in the next 2 years?

The Local Train stated, ”We see ourselves in the next two years in our studio recording our third album. We just want to play live and we want to make more and more music.”

Any Bollywood aspirations?

The Local Train stated, ”We never thought of it as it is a very different industry with different dynamics. We want to create our own music but we haven’t considered entering in Bollywood.”

Have a look at The Local Train podcast!!!

The local Train podcast



Aalas Ka Pedh

The album Aalas ka Pedh was launched WITH THE FLYING CARPET PRODUCTION. With the passage of time the album reached high demand and was also streamed in the ‘most-streamed album’ in apple music. The videos on youtube as more than 8.8 million views and running. With this fanbase they were invited to perform in various festivals and shows and now they started to love this live vibes and gig ambiance.

Released on 25 September 2015 Track list:

2.“Aaoge Tum Kabhi”4:13
4.“Choo Lo”3:53
5.“Kaise Jiyun”3:59
6.“Yeh Zindagi Hai”4:09
7.“Dil Mere”3:31
8.“Kaise Jiyun (Acoustic)”3:39
9.“Yeh Zindagi Hai (Demo)”4:20


5.“Mere Yaar”4:46
7.“Aakhri Salam”4:37

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